About Corporative

We would like to bring the distinctive handmade local sake, which has been cultivated and nurtured in the hearts of the local people, to more drinkers.

The sake brewer in all over Japan which continue ingenuity and original efforts of product development, established by authorization from the Finance Minister(Current Minister of Finance) in 1975.
From the first, the word "JIZAKE (Local Sake)" began when this union initially was planned "National Jizake distribution Meeting", and that meeting was welcomed by drinkers across the country who became a pioneer of the local brew boom thereafter, and formerly also became the business model of Jizake (local Sake) brewery who currently are active in the country.

Thereafter, while after the change of the various markets, with the support of the consumer as a real delicious sake, "Jizake" established a strong position in the alcoholic beverages market. However, the information age which leads to diversify more and more in the future, it increases the speed of the evolution point of reference for goods of customers, and the demand for high-value-added products based on the premise of the high quality, and become increasingly severe.

Having a contact with the sophistication of this market environment and returning to the basics now, Japan Jizake Cooperative think specifically what kind of sake is the "The Jizake (local Sake) witch has been nurtured cultivated in the mind of the people and culture of the region" in the point of view of customer's, not the position of the maker. You will see a hometown Sake, witch was aroused by water that has moistened by the lives of people of the land, rice and raw materials brought up by the hand of nature and people of the hometown there.

We, Japan Jizake Cooperative. named "SATOZAKE" the pure sake that this hometown gave birth.
In the future, we plan under the slogan of the vision of "SATOZAKE", continue to expand in the market widely the fascinating sake, liqueurs and Shochu (Distilled spirits) only by utilizing the quality of the region.

Organizational Profile

Name of Corprative Japan Jizake Cooperative
Location #1F/3-37-4, Kandasakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo JAPAN
TEL +81-3-5315-0633
FAX +81-3-5315-0635
E-Mail info@jizake.or.jp
License Finance Minister kanshu 2-11 (June 11 1975)
Establishment June 26 1975
Capital 20,000,000JPY
Investor 30 sake brewer union members (Jun 2023)
Settlement April 30 (Once a year)
Correspondent Banks Shoko Chukin head office
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.


CEO Kazuki Iinuma
【Iinuma Honke Inc. Representative Director 】
Vice President Katsumi Yamaoka
【 Yamaoka shuzo Inc. Representative Director 】
Managing Director Shigeki Tonoike
【 Tonoike shuzo Inc. Representative Director】
Director Kentaro Nakayama
【 Seiun shuzo Inc. Director 】
Director Yuto Shiji
【 Kidoizumi Shuzo Inc. Representative Director 】
Director Kentaro Shimizu
【 Eiko shuzo Inc. Representative Director 】
Director Kentaro Yoshimura
【 Zuiyo Inc. Managing Director 】
Director Masako Furusawa
【 Furusawa Jozo (GMK) Senior partner 】
Supervisor Hironobu Kubota
【 Kobe shushinkan Inc. Executive Vice President 】
Supervisor Akira Toyoda
【 Non-membership, Auditor Registered Smaller Enterprise Consultant 】
Advisor Takenosuke Yasufuku
【 Kobe shushinkan Inc. Representative Director 】

Activity Achievements

1973 All over Japan Jizake (local sake)distribution partnership (Voluntary partnership)
First meeting (June)
Begin the mutual sales distribution (November)
1975 Establishment of Cooperatives authorized by Minister of finance (June)
Wholesale licensing and business started (Mutual sales distribution) (July)
Begin the sales collaboration, sales distribution of Takashimaya Highland groups
Establishment of each Committee (product development, pricing and distribution project)
1976 - Expansion of the all over Japan jizake (local sake)showroom (July certificated and opened in August)
Establishment of each Committee (research, market and distribute products and public relations project)
Development of packaging materials and each product
1991 Start sale by the northern specific sake
1993 Start the distribution meeting of Nama chozoshu(Raw stored sake)service by Hokushuren
2001 Establishment of Jizake Japan Co., Ltd. (August)
Started overseas export to Canada, Taiwan (September)
2002 Start full-scale sale in Tobu department store Ikebukuro store (May)
Start business at Meitetsu, Hankyu, Yokohama Sogo department store
Inauguration of Takenawakai (June)
Start trading with Taiwan USE Electronics. (August)
2003 Start purchases of shuzo kotekimai (rice suitable for brewing sake) (October)
Published trabel of Jizake with JTB Publishing (January)
2004 Shanghai JETRO tasting (March)
2005 Transferred off-license to Jizake Japan Co., Ltd. (September)
2006 Jizake wo tanoshimu kai (Enjoy the Jizake) (Imperial Hotel) (February)
Shanghai event (September)
2007 Jizake wo tanoshimu kai (Enjoy the Jizake) (Imperial Hotel) (March)
2010 Everyone's feast (Foreign reporters Club) (May)
2011 Japan Jizake Cooperative. held 「Tasting & Exhibition」 (September)
Agreement of business and technology with Korea-Jeonju traditional sake museum (November)
2012 Announcement of Satozake JUNKO KOSHINO bottle (October)
Join to the event sponsored by Korea-Jeonju traditional sake museum (October)
2013 Seminar held in Korea of Japanese sake (agricultural subsidize project - Seoul) (March)
Ministry of Agriculture Promote export expansion (Marketing survey by country) Join as an Examination committee (December)
2014 General meeting in Taiwan (Jun)
2015 Satozake Festa for WOMEN 1 (May)
Satozake Festa for WOMEN 2 (September)
2016 Satozake Festa for WOMEN 3 (May)
2017 Satozake Festa for WOMEN 4 (April)
2018 Satozake Festa for WOMEN 5 (September)