We want to deliver distinctive,
handmade local sake
to our drinkers.

About Corporative

Main Activities of the Corporative


Japan's largest sake event to be held from 2020 under the theme of "SAKE to the World".
The event will introduce, promote, taste-test, and sell a wide variety of Japanese sake products from all over Japan, as well as develop new drinkers through sake x entertainment, collaborations, performances, etc.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government sponsors this autumn event to discover and promote the diverse charms of agriculture, forests, water, and food to people in Japan and abroad.
At the booth, 27 kinds of sake from 14 sake breweries from all over Japan were on sale for tasting.

Kazuki Iinuma


My name is Kazuki Iinuma, Representative Director of Japan Jizake Cooprative. Since its establishment in 1975, sake breweries from around Japan have worked together to promote local sake. Currently, 30 sake breweries belong to our organization, and we are engaged in various promotional activities such as export business and events through our organization.
The environment surrounding sake is becoming increasingly severe, but we will continue to promote sake as a cultural asset both domestically and internationally, with the expansion of domestic and overseas demand as our main goal. We look forward to your continued support.